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About - ACT Blood Cleanup

When blood spills occur in small amounts, like a cut finger or a scraped knuckle, we don’t really consider any cleanup from the incident to be “blood cleanup” it is just a minor mess that we can handle without a second thought. However, when a significant amount of blood is lost, in a major household accident or industrial accident, it is no longer just a little thing or a minor mess to be cleaned up. So let ACT Remediation handle your blood cleanup needs. You will find that we are very easy to work with, always respond quickly and are extremely effective in removing all traces of the incident and doing full decontamination after the blood clean up is completed to removed any hazardous pathogens.


24 Hr Blood Scene Cleanup Company of United States of America.

Recent Customers Review

“So we found out the hard way no cleaning companies do blood cleanup but Crime Scene Cleanup. By the time we finally found them the blood had soaked into floor boards for about 2 days. They were amazing, in how efficient they were to make sure they didn’t leave the home until every drop of blood was cleaned up”

John Benson

John Benson


“I think this company did a great job. Crime scene clean up in New York City is service for a person who has had a death. We contacted Accelerated related to a suicide clean up needed due to blood at the property. They got to our apartment in under 1 hour, so i am not sure about this other review below claiming they are out of state?”

Mike Ramos

Mike Ramos

New York

“They provided us with a death clean up plan for our condo facility after we had a suicide and didn’t know what to do in order to deal with suicide clean up. If you have ever had a crime or blood accident in a property in Los Angeles California I would strongly recommend you contact them for the crime scene clean up before anyone else….”

Ryan Broynor

Ryan Broynor

Los Angeles

“These guys responds fast when you need them for blood cleaning in Miami. They arrived with complete blood cleaning tools and make sure that the place 100% free from blood or any hazardous when they leave. Highly Recommended Cleaning Company”

Wilfrid Park

Wilfrid Park

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