People Choose Us for Crime Scene & Biohazard Cleanup in Fontana California

Founded by a family who wanted to help families recover from biohazards that exist after a death or crime scene, we are the #1 place to call for crime scene cleanup at homes in Fontana California. We only use licensed hazmat cleaners who have extensive training in blood cleanup. Due to this our company focuses on blood cleanup when needed at homes, business, or government properties.

Why Our Training Makes The Difference

Blood is hazardous and the blood found in a trauma such as a crime scene, suicide, or unattended death will result in a lot of biohazard cleaning. We try to ensure our customers are getting the best service by ensuring all our biohazard cleaners in Fontana California undergo extensive training.

24-Hour Support

The aftermath of a crime scene will require professional cleaning but there is more we offer then just biohazard cleaning. We also can assist our customers with any insurance claims that need to be filed on your behalf. We even can review your policy to help you understand it better. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

From Start To Finish Complete Restoration

You may not be aware but many people will need more then just the home cleaned from the aftermath of a death. They may need the surfaces sanitized as well or the house ozonated to remove odors. With us we do this and more, in addition to this we also can transport any of the biohazard waste and dispose of it at a licensed biohazard waste disposal center in Fontana California

What To Do Next

Call us, we are open 24-hours to provide blood cleanup or biohazard cleaning for any homes or businesses located in Fontana California. We can help, we want to help you, and we will help you if we can. Once you call us we will as a few brief questions to determine what type of damage happened. We have cleaned the aftermath at homes caused by suicides, unattended death, or crime scenes in the area and if any blood is present we are quite capable of assisting you. Call us today or read more about our crime scene cleanup in Fontana California.