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We provide hazardous cleaning services called crime scene or hazmat cleanup in Stockton California.  In all after death cleanup we focus on blood cleanup decontamination call 855-203-0123

As the top rated hazmat cleanup company we focus on blood cleanup for our customers and primarily focus on crime scene cleanup in Stockton California and nearby cities. In Stockton BioKing Cleaners are the leading professionals for blood cleanup following a death or medical accident or crime scene. Available around the clock our technicians are on call to schedule your Blood cleaning needs. Blood is a biohazard and should be treated as such requiring special precautions to be taken to ensure everyone is living in a safe environment. Most people do not understand the dangers and difficulties associated with cleaning blood. Blood permeates into the surface of whatever it touches and requires special tools and technology to ensure that the dangers are properly removed.  If the blood is from an accident, suicide or unattended death; we can begin the decontamination process immediately.  In active crime scenes such as a murder investigation we coordinate our efforts with the Stockton Police Department.
In regard to the hazards of blood, even a close relative could have contagious bacteria like MRSA present as well as viruses and contagious disease.  It is important to always be careful despite what health you may think the relative was in.  As far as the difficulties of blood cleanup, the blood congeals and is not a liquid that is easily cleaned.  This is why using professional blood cleanup companies in Stockton CA known for crime scene cleanup can be your best fit.

Suicide Cleanup Stockton California

With any A suicide in particular it can be a difficult type of blood cleanup in Stockton.  Cleaning up blood after a suicide may entail a few spots but typically their is extensive blood splatter that must be contended with.  This is why when dealing with a suicide cleanup in Stockton California, people usually will turn to crime scene cleanup companies Stockton CA, and there is none better then the people at BioKing Cleaners.  Known for 10 years of crime scene cleanup in Stockton, our crime scene cleaners can assist you where others will turn you away.  With increases in suicide statistics we are seeing a lot more residents contacting us for assistance with cleaning the aftermath of a suicide.  Some people indicate the need for estimates or understanding the costs.  It is important for us to do a full evaluation of the suicide scene in order to understand where all contaminated areas are.  As a hazmat company we try in every way to assist any customer who is calling us.  If you have had a suicide at your home, please call us and let us go over the facts.  Once we know more about your situation we can help determine what the costs will look like.

Unattended Death Cleanup Stockton CA

Hazmat is needed when a undiscovered death is discovered and has decomposed.  This is what we call an unattended death or hazmat cleanup.  Our offices in Stockton California are equipped to properly decontaminate any unattended death.  If you have just discovered the corpse and it has not been removed yet, the first thing that must be done is contact San Joaquin County Coroner.  Once the corpse is removed you are ready for us to help with the hazmat cleaning and decontamination.  The costs for any after death cleanup or crime scene cleanup is depending on the amount of blood and bodily fluids.  We want to secure help for you as soon as possible.  When you call our office in Stockton they can have a person evaluate your home for a free estimate.

Blood Cleanup Stockton California

When you have blood at your home in Stockton California, you will need professional cleaning.  The blood is a hazmat scene and requires hazmat cleaners who know how to safely clean and remove blood from a home.  BioKing Cleaners safely removes blood and disinfect the surfaces that had blood on them.  All blood cleanup is hazardous and so we offer biohazard cleaning 24 hours a day for any homes in Stockton California.  Here are some other locations we service nearby.

Hazmat Company History

We have a long history of being one of the only 24 hour crime scene & hazmat cleanup office in Stockton.  We were founded by two brothers who saw the need to clean homes after death was hazardous and required professionally trained hazmat cleaners.  From our humble beginnings we have become one of the faster growing crime scene cleanup assistance service in California.  If you need to learn more about scheduling services at your home, please be aware that all our cleaners where PPE and follow the safety standard set up by the Public Health Department.


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“They helped my mom’s house after a suicide at her home in Stockton.  The hazmat cleaners were amazing to deal with and helped us understand the crime scene cleanup costs” submitted by Shelly

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From blood cleanup after a death to a suicide cleanup or even tear gas cleanup in Stockton CA, our professional staff has you covered.  Call us today at 855-203-0123.
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